Orange BackerOne billion young people are entering the world of work. Unemployment rates have
turned this youth bulge into
a global crisis.

GO is confronting this daunting challenge with a simple, powerful, scalable solution:

We are aggregating a global community of leaders and building a marketplace to dramatically improve the flow of opportunities.

Let's evolve the concept of "work" and change the tone to inspire and empower the next generation!

Read about our quest here.

Youth Empowerment, Employment & Entrepreneurship

...are big issues that everyone is talking about, yet no one quite knows how to solve. But here's one solution – exposing the most ambitious, hungry, and talented young people on the planet to a world of possibilities.

"We believe opportunity is everywhere. We'll help you find it. You just have
to GO. Go explore the world, pursue
your passion, fulfill your true potential."
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